Athletic Annex Soon to Open for (F)all

By J1 Reporter Claire Thiele

As this year continues, the construction must go on. Even with COVID-19, the construction for the new Athletic Annex and locker rooms at Marian is still on schedule. The crews are still working, but now it is required that all construction personnel wear PPE (personal protective equipment) while working.

The predicted finish date is May 21. Athletic Director Ms. Rochelle Rohlfs said, “My favorite feature is the Team Conference/Media Room. Teams will be able to meet and review video from practices and games as well as scout opponents. The space will also double up as a classroom for physical education classes.”

She said she is very excited to see the completed renovation. The current locker rooms will continue to be used for PE students and sports teams during the day, but remain locked while not being used. The coaches office will then become the physical education teacher’s office only.

In the meantime, the administration is planning a grand opening for the Annex.  This is an exciting renovation to Marian because it will allow students to feel more motivated in new spaces before a game or in the classroom. Ms. Rohlfs said she hopes that students will be respectful to the addition by keeping it clean and following the rules. She is also excited as the new space will provide a third locker room to accommodate away teams, a second set of official’s bathrooms to accommodate female and male officiating crews, and a coaches office for Marian’s out-of-the building coaches who have never had a place to work from at Marian.. 

construction doors
Staying out of the zone. This is as close as it gets to getting a peek at the new renovation.  These doors are just north of the concession stand at the NE corner of the Quad.



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