Burn Magazine’s latest edition – the 20th anniversary issue – published

This Spring 2020 issue was created by the Burn magazine student staff during the fourth quarter of the year – which meant it was designed and edited from our homes.

Congratulations to the following artists and writers and their work selected for publishing: (Formatted from the magazine’s table of contents)

Front “mushroom men” by marin mowat ‘20

Back “a party without cake is just a meeting” by scarlett wedergren ‘20,
the chocolate symphony in c major by lauren ali ‘22

00-01 “abundance” by katie corpuz ‘21,
it’s not a real flower by cecilia urbanski ‘23

02-03 beauty by hai’den davis ‘22,
“polaroid” by ellie kripal ‘21,
“mars and back” by bella syslo ‘20,
period sonnet by grace walsh ‘21

04-05 “move” by ellie kripal ‘21,
love is by elizabeth foreman ‘23,
i want the music by gaby watton ‘20,
“eye” by grace virgillito ‘21

06-07 home by olivia traxler ‘22,
beneath the sun by kelly williams ‘20
“between two worlds” by lillie devine ‘22
 “suspenders and succulents” by scarlett wedergren ‘20

08-09 drowning thoughts by grace clark ‘21,
be still by kelly williams ‘20,
stars shine brighter by rylee gregg ‘21,
“serenity” by rachel achola ‘21,
“seven times infinity” by bella syslo ‘20

10-11 my kingdom by katherine rodis ‘21,
words by emmy kmiecik ‘20,
“sky flower of montserrat” by scarlett wedergren ‘20,
“hats off” by naomi delkamiller ‘21

12-13 “woman in pieces” by mary said ‘20,
that girl by brianna eilderts ‘20

14-15 ayarn uov by melina piperis ‘22,
fine line by maddie warrick ‘20,
“grun” by ella meis ‘20,
“gentle woman” by cecilia urbanski ‘23

16-17 short attention span by kelly williams ‘20,
thoughts from australia by elizabeth foreman ‘23,
“the edge of nothing” by naomi delkamiller ‘21
“in flight” by marin mowat ‘20

18-19 naive by maddie warrick ‘20,
a message to future me by mattighan zielie ‘21,
“melodrama” by lillian fuglsang ‘22,
“intricate rituals” by patrice roubidoux ‘20

20-21 temporary by melina piperis ‘22,
my everchanging soul by naomi delkamiller ‘21,
“antelope canyon” by isha kishore ‘20,
“biking solo” by naomi delkamiller ‘21

22-23 walls by gaby watton ‘20,
“field club silos” by anna hern ‘22,
“be the cowboy” by patrice roubidoux ‘20

24-25 healing by kelly kozol ‘21,
light of life by kelly williams ‘20,
“cry me a river” by rachel achola ‘21,
“sweet nebraska land” by callie cavanaugh ‘21

26-27 to my brother by olivia traxler ‘22,
I have no idea who i am by gaby watton ‘20, “boy blue” by sofia pantano ‘23,
“verdon gorge (2)” by jill williamson ‘22

28-29 airhead by mattighan ziele ‘21,
“morning rush” by anna rasgorshek ‘22,
“wonders of nature” by madeline tubrick ‘23

These are the 2019-20 student staff members:
Editors: Scarlett Wedergren ‘20, Chloe Herbert ‘20
Junior Editors: Naomi Delkamiller ‘21, Ellie Kripal ‘21
Staff: Chrissy Gulseth ‘20, Sarah Burnett ‘20, Shruthi Kumar ‘20, Katie Tiojanco ‘20, Callie Cavanaugh ‘21, Rylee Gregg ‘21, Rachel Achola ‘21, Katie Corpuz ‘21, Grace Virgillito ‘21, Madison Adam ‘22, Bella Beck ‘22, Cali D’Agosto ‘22, Hai’den Davis ‘22, Annie Masek ‘22, Margaret Mowat ‘22, Anna Rasgorshek ‘22, Christina Tinley ‘22

Seniors were hand-delivered a copy of the magazine by senior staff members. Underclasswomen were given a magazine in their locker contents bag picked up at school on May 18-20.

For more information about BURN, visit their website:


Sophomores and juniors interested in being on staff, watch your email in the fall.

All students can be working on creative works to submit next October!BURNFINALS20cover

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