New Director of Diversity and Inclusion ready to tackle challenges in community


Marian has recently hired Miss Devin Owens as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion. Owens was born and raised in Omaha, where she
attended Brownell Talbot, Holy Cross and Morton Magnet Middle School.
She graduated from Benson High School in 2012 as the presiding class
president. She started at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, but ended her degree program of Journalism and Mass Communications at the University of Nebraska at Omaha with minors in Ethnic Studies, Sociology and Art History.

Marian’s first Director of Diversity and Inclusion,
Miss Devin Owens
. Photo courtesy of Miss Owens.

She is currently a Digital Content Strategist at Omaha Community Foundation, a cheer coach at Benson High School, and she owns her own advertising and marketing agency, Less the Agency.

Owens was trained at the Center for Equity and Inclusion and has been leading Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) work since 2018. She is passionate about sharing stories and elevating the voices of marginalized communities.

“Being a Black woman, I understand what it’s like to be overlooked. Therefore, I have always been committed to DEI work because to deny the intersections is to not tell truthful, meaningful stories,” Owens said.

Since Owens’ position at Marian is new, the administration is allowing her to decide what her goals and responsibilities will look like. Her first goal as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion is to get to know Marian and the students. “An important part of this work is listening, and I intend to spend a lot of time just doing that: hearing the needs and wants of all students,” Owens said.

She hopes to create safe spaces where everyone can thrive.

Some of her plans include increasing the population of students and teach-
ers of color, offering more courses and activities that elevate the voices of people of color, providing learning opportunities for students and faculty to deepen their understanding of race equity and creat- ing a culture where all feel welcome at Marian. “One misconception about DEI work is that it’s only for BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color). However, when we all feel safe to be our authentic selves, it’s better for everyone,” Owens said.

The plans and goals Owens has for Marian will create a more diverse and inclusive environment. Her hours will be posted outside of her office in Student Services. She plans to be in her office Monday through Friday for all students to share their stories, ideas and concerns.

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