Senior Year Challenges for Class of 2021

Opinion by MollyMonahan

Molly Monahan ’21

Nothing about the year 2020 has been normal. All of us have made sacrifices, faced various disappointments and above all, adjusted to the reality of uncertainty. As an incoming senior, I am already terrified of my future. The inevitable process of deciding on the right college, my future career and leaving home are enough to petrify any senior. On top of all of that, the Class of 2021 is missing out on what is supposed to be the best time of our high school experience.

Although the Class of 2020 also missed out on events like prom, a normal graduation, and the chance at taking home first place at Field Day, the incoming seniors might not get a chance to experience a senior year at all. I feel as if the Class of 2021 has gone unnoticed due to the sudden changes in everyone’s lives. Since the graduated seniors were forced to suddenly end their whole high school careers online, nobody thought about what might happen to the incoming seniors as the pandemic continued to worsen. Seniors usually go into their last year with their heads held high, their hearts full of excitement for a year full of lasts. However, my class is going into our senior year with uncertainty and anxiety. 

In order to safely practice social distancing, a lot of normal activities will be different. High school will not be the same without gathering with friends in the halls and squeezing more than ten girls together to eat lunch at a round cafeteria table. With restrictions and pending cancellations such as high school football, volleyball, basketball, dances, pep rallies and Field Day, I am worried I am missing out on the “high school experience.” 

I, along with most incoming seniors, have asked myself these questions: Will I ever get to go to a prom? Will I end my beloved Marian Field Day career with a fourth place victory? Can I be sure which college I want to attend if I cannot go on in person tours? Will we get a senior retreat? Will I have a traditional graduation ceremony? 

Due to sudden changes and uncertainty I have found it difficult to keep my head up and a smile on my face. However, the pandemic has made our community stronger. 

Marian girls have missed their teachers, classes, hallways and friends, so even if it is regulated, all of us would be more than happy to return to school. Not seeing my friends, going out to eat or leaving my house without a mask has made me greatly appreciative of the people and community around me. Despite all these never ending questions and worries about future plans and cancellations, I am grateful to have the chance to come back to school and see all of my friends, even if it is a safe distance of six feet.

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