So, It’s Been a While…

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Masked Marian girl illustration by Maddie Genoways.


Walking through the front doors at Marian, you’ll probably notice that a lot more has changed than just backpacks and hairstyles. When we left for spring break, none of us ever expected that while we were gone, our whole world would turn upside down. 

Many of us are more familiar with the halls of Marian than our own houses, yet it seems we’ve all joined the freshmen in their “first day at a new school” jitters. We’re in completely uncharted territory, both education and life-wise.

But that’s just it: this is new and scary for all of us! No one has any idea where this school year is headed, so the best thing for Marian to do right now is stick together! Whether it be through the screens of face shields or through the screens of computers, we can be scared and uncomfortable and have terrible face mask acne together! Above all, we need to remember that this is not forever. This pandemic does not define our futures, and we don’t have to let it define our school year, either. 

Although we may not be a hospital full of health care workers and sick patients, we are a school with a responsibility to return to school safely.  Here is how we plan to do so.

In order to keep your classmates and teachers safe, please take note of your own health and symptoms each morning before coming to school. If you feel any possible symptoms of COVID-19, such as a fever, cough or shortness of breath, consider the people you could hurt by spreading the virus. Even if you don’t feel seriously affected or don’t want to attend classes online, remember that masks and shields can only compensate for so much selfishness. Online classes can be tricky, but nothing is more difficult than knowing that you’ve potentially endangered your friends, classmates or teachers.

So for your safety and the safety of the community, please wear a clean cotton mask each day at school, sanitize and wash your hands regularly, and please- do not endanger yourself or others based on the belief that the danger will pass without communal effort. Make these sacrifices and know that you are protecting others, possibly even saving lives. There is no greater heroism right now than compassion for others and their safety. 

Marian’s teachers, staff and administration are making additional sacrifices to make this school year happen and have been working twice as hard as usual to coordinate and provide classes of both online and in-person students the best education possible. Principal Susie Sullivan and President Mary Higgins have worked tirelessly each day during the summer to make our school safe and accessible for those at Marian. Please be patient with your teachers, especially now, as they try to manage their and their own families health, as well as protect the health of their students. That being said,  it is important to remember that new health procedures at Marian are in place to protect not only ourselves, but also those around us. 

Let’s do our best to keep Marian’s doors open and its students and staff healthy. Remind your friends to wash their masks at night, share sanitizer instead of germs and make sure to clean up your work spaces.

Marian should always be a place where students and teachers alike can feel safe and informed, so, as this year’s Network staff, we promise to do our part to get you the information, news, and uplifting stories you need to stay safe, smart, and smiling through this year.

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