Summer Conditioning Starts off Fall Season


web conditioning1This summer, Marian decided to continue with summer conditioning for sports with adjustments to the normal procedures. Athletic Director and Assistant Principal, Rochelle Rohlfs, explained Marian’s plan to continue with training going into the school year while keeping up with Nebraska’s COVID-19 guidelines. 

Athletes were assigned different times throughout the day to train in designated areas at the school. Groups were spread out in the East and West gyms, along with a couple girls in the weight room.

Strength and conditioning coach Ms. Lauren Barefoot had a unique workout plan for each sport. Ms. Molly Pettit and the coaching staff helped as they had been keeping everyone safe while continuing with workouts since June 1-  with 16 different workout sessions each week. “Attendance has been higher than ever this year,” Rohlfs said, “so coaches had to constantly remind the girls to stay six feet apart, while drills and workout stations are adjusted to enforce social distancing.” 

Allowing weight rooms to open and summer conditioning to continue has given athletes an opportunity to continue in their training and prepare for the upcoming season. 

“This year, there are three different age groups, and those groups are separated too. web conditioning2Seniors and juniors are together, all sophomores are together, and all incoming freshmen are together,” senior volleyball player Sophi Steffes said. “Each age group is split into three smaller groups. For example, I am in a group of about 10 girls that are seniors and juniors, and I condition and play volleyball with them.” 

 For basketball, the workout stations have been moved to be six feet apart and masks are part of the process. We are required to wear masks moving from station to station and going to and from the school,” sophomore basketball player Sophie Shaffer said. “We also sanitize everything down after we use it.” 

After a long summer of training, tryouts started Aug. 10. Athletes and coaches are hopeful for a full season and a chance to continue high school sports.

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