The Controversy Over Masks in Omaha


Wearing a mask has become a norm for most communities, and many states require masks when going out in public or entering various stores around the area. However, there is controversy between whether we should or shouldn’t wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in America. Officials believe Americans should wear masks, whether they like them or not, but, some people don’t necessarily enjoy wearing masks and choose not to wear them unless it’s mandatory.

WEB masks
Regina Anaegbunam‘23 and Avery Kinnison ‘22 model their creative masks. 
Photos submitted.

Marian senior, Mary Claire Daubendiek said, “I believe wearing a mask is a simple and essential act of human decency. You lose nothing by wearing one, and you gain not only a defense against the virus for yourself, but you are also protecting the people around you. To protect the people around you, all you have to do is wear a piece of cloth on your face, which sounds easy enough; I even wore one while working out and was still able to breathe fine. I hope that people start taking wearing a mask seriously, because I want everyone to be able to go back to doing the things they love with the people they love sooner than later, without the threat of getting sick.” 

As of July 31 2020, there was no mask mandate in Omaha, Nebraska, but it will be mandatory to wear masks in Marian. Senior, Emma Gunn said, “I think having masks is a necessity for going back to school. It’ll make communication a little more difficult, but we all have to do our part in our community to keep each other healthy. Plus, it’s one more way that we can express ourselves while wearing uniforms.” 

As seniors attended Marian prior to the pandemic and experienced some of high school with a little more normalcy, freshmen are bombarded with new protocol and a new school. 

Incoming freshman, Mariella Virgillito said, “I’m very scared for the new transitions. I understand wearing masks is mandatory, but it will be a big change. I think going to school and having all these new rules will be different and weird.”

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