Fotric 226B infrared camera: an investment in student safety


Marian has implemented many precautions to ensure students can still attend school in-person this year. One of those precautions cost $4,500. The Fotric Infrared Imager and Integrated Temperature Scanner (FRITS) is a thermographic monitoring system that detects abnormal body temperature as individuals pass the camera. Marian uses the FRITS, with the help of paraprofessionals Ms. Hannah Hennings and Mrs. Sarah Timpe, to check students, teachers and visitors’ temperatures as they enter the building. It is set up right inside the main entrance to ensure everyone gets checked. 

Anna Kidder ’21 shows off the new infrared camera in the front lobby. Photo by Naomi Delkamiller.

Instead of using a hand-held thermometer, “we decided to invest in [FRITS] so that individual temperatures would not have to be taken every day,” said Athletic Director, Ms. Rochelle Rohlfs. “Hand-held thermometers have a wide range of user-error and touch handling, so this was a good solution for that.” Marian used grant money they received to help with COVID-19 related expenses to purchase the FRITS. 

The system makes for efficient temperature-checking and allows people to stay socially distanced. “It can scan a number of people at once if necessary. It is very high-tech!” said Principal Susie Sullivan. When a student comes to school with a high temperature, they are taken to the isolation room and their parents are called to pick them up. So far this year, no students have been sent to the isolation room.

Along with the FRITS system, students and faculty are filling out the Symptom Checker on the Children’s Hospital website every morning before school. Marian has also advised everyone to do self-checks from home.

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