Concerts adapt during the pandemic


When concerts all around the world were cancelled due to the pandemic, the music industry took a substantial beating. According to WBUR Radio Station in Massachusetts, the music industry will be the last to open back up in some sense of normalcy. It is nearly impossible to self-distance from others not only in the audience but those backstage as well. Slowly outdoor concerts are starting to come back but arena tours will take longer because of all the variables that go into one show.

People all over the world were left disappointed by the sudden event cancellations. Concerts were no longer profitable or safe to continue for the time being.  “I bought tickets to the Billie Eilish concert and I was really sad to hear that it was cancelled. I didn’t know if and when it would be rescheduled, but I understood why it was postponed,” sophomore Kathryn Storbeck said.  Other big concert cancellations in Omaha included the Lumineers, Dan + Shay, and Blake Shelton. 

Photo of an outdoor conert at Virgin Money Unity Arena in Gosforth Park, Newcastle, where people begin to settle down in the new viewing pods for the concert.

Now, after several months of empty  stages, the United Kingdom (UK) is determined to bring back the music. According to CNN Travel, Virgin Money Unity Arena is the UK’s first social distance-dedicated venue for concerts. The venue has all the amenities of a regular concert venue, but in the middle is a series of fenced-in raised platforms that up to five people can be on to view the stage. With lots of artists doing online, streaming concerts, there is no denying that it is not the same as being there in person. 

With 2,500 in attendance, they staggered arrival times to diminish the chance of people being exposed if a person who attended was exposed to COVID-19. This method provides a sense of community because everyone shares one common goal: to get back to a semi-normal routine. Junior Brianna Dovali said, “I think that even though we all can’t be together, having socially distanced concerts is a great idea to still have fun while being safe. At least personally, I know that I would rather there be a couple restrictions, than no concerts at all.” 

Getting big name artists performing again and having people back in the audience is the goal for the music industry. “Talking about my favorite concerts and artists with my peers has been a great way to bond with those around me,” junior Audrey Van Dyke said, “With proper precautions I think we will all get to see our favorite artists again soon. Van Dyke said that the social distanced platforms are a great alternative because, “it would bring back a little taste of the concerts we all love going to.” 

According to, this upcoming fall will be the return of live music. Slowdown + Maha is a fall concert series that will run from Sept. 18 through Oct. 3 on Fridays and Saturdays. These outdoor concerts will provide socially distanced viewing pods, so people can have the concert experience once again. While this method of concerts might not last forever, right now it is a safe and effective way to enjoy popular music live.

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