Sophomore Retreat builds community at Marian


Sophomore Retreat has connected Marian girls in ways that go beyond the walls of the school and has become a looked forward to event.

The retreat took place on Sept. 9 and 10 for the Class of 2023. In contrast to the hype and excitement circled around freshman retreat, sophomore retreat is a time for calming down, centering yourself, and spiritually connecting. Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, sophomore retreat was split alphabetically to reduce capacity, but this did not affect the atmosphere or smiling faces as the sophomores experienced the retreat.

Campus Minister Mrs. Anna Kolterman said, “We were really grateful to have it and see all the class come together even though they had separate days. We were really happy that the girls and leaders were troupers because we knew that it was going to take extra rules and precautions to have the retreat.” 

Sophomores gather for Sophomore Retreat in the chapel at St. Leo’s church.

The main focus of the retreat was to connect yourself with relationships to others, God, and yourself. The Campus Ministry team took the sophomores through a spiritual journey through mediation, speakers, Mass and music.

“I enjoyed Sophomore Retreat because it was a nice break in the middle of the week.” sophomore Abby Pelan said. “It’s hard to feel connected to the other half of the alphabet, but I did feel more connected to the girls on my side of the alphabet.”

The special guest and keynote speaker, Sarah Hart, shared her story and her gift of song to the sophomores through Zoom this year. Despite speaking through a screen, Hart connected with the sophomores as she shared heartfelt, personal stories in order to get them thinking about their own faith journey. 

Sophomore Retreat has continued to empower sophomore girls and connect Marian girls to their class and community.

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