Boomer v. Zoomer


We’ve all heard of the generation gap, but how big has the gap grown with all the chaos in America these days?

Generation Z has recently been nicknamed “Zoomers.” “Zoomers” is a play on words referring to the Baby Boomers generation nickname “Boomers,” given to them because of the boom in population growth at the time. 

The generation gap is the difference of opinions of people of different generations. “Boomers” were born in 1946-1964, whereas this new generation, or Gen Z also known as “Zoomers”, are born from 1997-2012.

The generation gap between boomers and zoomers is evident. Baby Boomers are seen by Gen Z as being more traditional and sticking to the books. On the other hand, Gen Z is seen as radical and too distracted with recent technology. 

Gen Z is associated with technology because they have grown up with new advances and modernized lifestyles. Also, they have recently been doing schooling online through the app Zoom due to the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns. 

Baby Boomers are associated with being somewhat of a “Karen.” 

What’s a Karen? The name Karen basically refers to an impatient, passive-aggressive mom who wants what she wants and will lose it if she does not get it. For example, if you give a Karen the wrong salad, she will tell you to take it back and make her a new one and she might even complain to your manager after. Gen Z and Baby Boomers don’t exactly see eye-to-eye when discussing current matters. 

Though different generations may never fully understand each other, we can try to come together and share different experiences as growing up in different generations.

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