Workers learn lifelong skills


Managing a job while in high school can be challenging. On top of homework, extracurricular activities and a social life, it can seem impossible to manage a job at times. If anyone could do it, it’d be a Marian girl. 

Of the 200 Marian girls who filled out the September Issue Survey, 84 of them are currently working. Of those 84 girls, 14 of them are working two jobs.

“There are times I have a lot of homework and sports going on, so it can be hard to balance all of it,” freshman Eva Kriener said. On top of babysitting a few times a week, Kriener plays soccer and tennis and participates in speech. “I am mostly babysitting right now, but I will probably get a job at Baker’s this fall when I turn 15.” In the meantime, Kriener‘s hands are full with babysitting and her first year of high school.

For some, time management comes easily. Sophomore Meghan Bartness works at Premier Gymnastics three times a week where she coaches dance and directs gymnastics, which includes trampolining and tumbling. Besides working, she also dances, so her schedule can get busy sometimes. “I have always been good at time management so it hasn’t been that difficult this year,” Bartness said.

“It is very hard to manage my schedule,” junior Lily Fuglsang said. She works at Vitality Bowls in Aksarben five times a week and occasionally babysits. Her school schedule this year has helped her find her balance. “I like having classes online because that means I can be more productive during passing periods and breaks.” Although it can be difficult at times, she found it important to be productive during school hours so she can minimize her evening work load. 

Senior McKenna Blaine also works two jobs, one at Juice Stop and the other at Brookhill Country Club. Balancing two different work schedules can be a job in itself. “I put in my availability for Juice Stop after I know when I am scheduled to lifeguard.” Planning ahead has helped her avoid any overlaps in her schedule. Managing work and school hasn’t been a huge challenge for her this year. “I usually get all my homework done before I leave for work so I have some free time afterwards.”

Managing a job as a high school student might seem impossible to some. However, do not let a busy schedule deter you from working. The time management skills you will gain from balancing work and school are tools you will need for the rest of your life.

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