A Drastic Change in Marian’s Walk-A-Thon Tradition

By J1 Reporters Kathryn Stec and Audrey Van Dyke

Marian’s Walk-A-Thon traditions flew out the door when planning this student led fundraiser around a pandemic; each of the classes had to walk the same distance despite the ranking of the classes. Typically the distance a class walks heavily depends on the final outcome of each class, but this year regardless of the end result, each class will walk two miles. On September 18, all of the girls from Marian High will be experiencing this change for the first time. 

“We should have had to walk less, because normally we would have only had to walk one mile because we won,” junior class officer Kate Timmerman said. Timmerman was relatively indifferent, but she said she wished her class would have walked less. Her opinion was common among the junior class, but for the freshman and sophomore classes, this change in tradition was considered an upgrade because normally they would have had to walk double the amount of miles. 

Audrey Van Dyke ‘22 and Annie Masek ‘22 rock some bubble hair for bubble Walk-A-Thon, 2020 (photo by Haley Hoffman).

Many students were curious about how the decision of the whole school walking two miles was made.“[It was a] directive from Mrs. Sullivan to make things streamlined…and to keep on a schedule,” said Ms. Jessica Abel, Student Board co-moderator. This is different from past years, but the administration seemed to only express positivity from this change. 

Each class walking the same distance was a major deviation from years past, but despite being in a pandemic it was still a success. Marian students are hopeful for the return of a traditional Walk-A-Thon in the years to come.

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