An Unexpected Reward Shocks the Marian Community

By J1 Reporters Ashley Johanek and Kenzie Anderson

It is Sept. 14 at 7:42 p.m. At 7:43, you get an email from Mrs. Susie Sullivan, the principal at Marian High School. To yourself, you think it is just reminders about safety precautions or about something you do not have time to read. However, you open the attachment and find news worth reading. 

Photo of Marian Students walking through the bubble machine at the end of the walk. Photo taken by J1 Reporter Haley Hoffman.

Mrs. Sullivan gives the Marian community a day off in October. Marian never reached its goal for Walk-A-Thon (WAT), so you are confused as to why the principal gave the day off anyway. “All the classes worked really hard this year. Everyone was also very creative in how they raised money,” Sullivan wrote in the email. “Marian girls always persevere. This fundraiser is totally run by students and all the money helps our students. I am always amazed and humbled by what Marian girls can do when they work together.” She said she was also very impressed with the fundraising of each class. With no bake sales this year due to COVID-19, she was glad to see the same dedication with new fundraising ideas. 

As a school, the students raised $69,516.58. Despite not reaching the school goal, Sullivan was proud of every student for working hard to reach the goal during a global pandemic. 

Senior Alexis Ketcham, said, “I was relieved and excited because this is something I look forward to every year. I was glad the school decided to still commemorate our efforts despite the difficulties. I think it’s important we still celebrate the hard work put into WAT this year and the amount of money we raised during a pandemic. Even though our goal wasn’t met, we did the best we could during a pandemic as we worked through the unique challenges this year.” As a senior, Ketcham said she was glad to know she could still celebrate the victory of WAT. 

Both the teachers and students get the joy of having a day off on Oct. 16. “It shows us what a compassionate person she [Sullivan] is,” Math teacher Mrs. Sue Altman said. As a teacher learning to adjust to the new schedule, she is glad to have an upcoming day off. 

Walk-A-Thon is crucial and a big help to fundraise money for the school. Every student is given the challenge to collect money from friends and family to help raise money for tuition assistance. Now that Sullivan has given the teachers and students a day off in October, both teachers and students can look forward to a day away from the pressures of school.

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