Tying Walk-A-Thon Into Field Day

By J1 Reporters Lucy Loughran and Bailey Kollasch

Marian’s staff promotes the impact Walk-A-Thon has on Field Day every year, 2020 being no different, but Marian girls would be surprised to know of its small role in the spring competition. Walk-A-Thon is a student-led fundraiser to support tuition, student events throughout the year, and technology. Another student event, which takes place later in the academic year, is Field Day. 

This event is associated with B.O.S.S. points — points gathered from “Building Our School Spirit” and boosts competitiveness among classes — and school spirit. Marian provides several opportunities throughout the year for students to earn B.O.S.S. points for their class: attending athletic events, school dances, etc. However, students must put in an effort to obtain these points. This could be paying an entrance fee at games or conforming to a dress code at dances. 

Despite the amount of time and effort to gather B.O.S.S. points, they are not a leading role in judging for Field Day. “It doesn’t always affect (it) as much as you think,” Principal Mrs. Susie Sullivan said. 

Bubble Walk-A-Thon provides a filter for students to see the connection between WAT and Field Day. Photographed by Bailey Kollasch.

Kate Timmerman, a junior class officer, thinks the same way.  “I don’t think judges look that much into it,” she said.

However, Timmerman and Sullivan believe the B.O.S.S. points have a purpose in Field Day. There will be “tighter competition because people are desperate to go to as many B.O.S.S. point events as possible,” Sullivan said. 

Walk-A-Thon results could have the power to influence opinions on who might win Field Day, but it is not always the case. Ms. Jessica Abel, Student Board Co-moderator, was one person who remained steady in her opinion of Field Day winners, regardless of the outcome of Walk-A-Thon. 

“If someone does a good job in WAT, I think it can give them a good momentum to do well on Field Day,” Timmerman said.

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