Walk-A-Thon Car Washes Bring in Big Bucks

By J1 Reporters Kenzie Darrow and Avery Kinnison

When it comes to raising money fast, the Marian sophomores and juniors know a carwash is the way to go! On Sept. 5, the Marian juniors held a car wash at Grease Monkey and raised $1148 in just 7 ½ hours! Just one week later, the sophomores also hosted a car wash, raising $1359 towards their class goal.

The sophomores held their car wash on Sept. 12 at Grease Monkey, with more than 50 girls in attendance throughout the event to help the class. Organized by math teachers Mrs. Sue Altman and Mrs. Jaime Piernicky, and the sophomore class officers Regina Anyaegbunam, Claire Bentley, Lily Guinan, Sophie Schaffer and Sarah Specht; the car wash had loads of customers and proved to be an overall success. “The car wash turned out way better than expected,” Anyaegbunam said. “I was worried that the rain in the morning would ruin the whole day, but we got a lot of cars and donations despite it.” The WAT car wash for the sophomores was a huge success! Even through some un-ideal weather conditions, “they did not let that deter their enthusiasm,” sophomore class moderator, Piernicky said.

A week before the sophomores, the juniors hosted their car wash on Sept. 5. The group was led by Junior class officers Josie Golka and Shantise Pearson. The supervisors present were junior class moderator Mr. Craig Panning and paraprofessional Miss Hannah Hennings. The group of only 15 girls was small but mighty in raising more than $1000. “Given the limited amount of people I think it turned out great,” Pearson said,  “I was really proud of our class contributors supporting our cause. It was a really fun time!” Overall, the juniors’ car wash made up for 5% of their class total. 

Marian has used car washes as a source for WAT fundraising since at least 1994. Since then, they have been proven to be a fun bonding experience and a big hit for donations.

Marian Juniors: Josie Golka, Ashley Doehner, Kenzie Darrow, Meredith Bailey, and Avery Kinnison hold their homemade signs at the morning shift of the junior car wash on Sept. 5th. Photo by Michele Darrow.


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