WAT: Social Distancing Edition

By J1 Reporters Maddie Adam and Elise Moulton

Marian’s tight-knit student body faced a social distance challenge on Sept. 18. New rules given by administration suggested that Marian students kept a 6-ft distance from their classmates. Walking two miles on a narrow path helped re-enforce this rule for Marian’s student fundraiser, Walk-A-Thon, although separating such a close group of girls is difficult under any circumstance. 

Stubo co-moderator, Ms. Jessica Abel, expressed that the staff knew that these social distancing rules were going to be hard to enforce, saying “this was not an ideal situation. Based on the fact that the whole class was together, we knew we wouldn’t be able to totally police it.” Abel also made clear that there is no expected rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. 

Freshman Betsy Piernicky had an optimistic view of the social distancing guidelines and had an overall positive experience for her first WAT. “I had expected that we were going to have to social distance. Even though I didn’t get to walk right by my friends, I think that walking six feet apart went really well.” Although Piernicky had this experience, other students disagree. 

2020 WAT was characterized by masks and separation. 
Photo by Elise Moulton ‘22

Senior Avery Marquis was unsure about her last WAT, based on the rules and guidelines. “I did not know how walking was going to go this year, and I did not have many expectations going into it. Walking went really well. Everyone had a mask, but I was still able to talk to my classmates, which made WAT even more fun!” Although not everyone was exactly 6-ft apart, she was separated from her classmates because they were dismissed by homeroom. Even under these circumstances, she still made the most of her last WAT. “I was disappointed that I did not get the chance to walk with all of my friends, but I know everyone worked hard to make sure it was a good experience and continued as normal.” 

Claire Steinauer and Lany Gregor ‘22 walk maskless to the dance party in the PAC lot at Walk-A-Thon 2019. The 2020 Walk-A-Thon photos were much different.

On Monday, Sept. 21, the Douglas County Health Department clarified that if everyone in a school environment was wearing a mask, including a person who tests positive, other students would not have to quarantine. This means that wearing a mask is the most crucial part of stopping the spread of the virus. Although students were separated, they were brought together by collaborating as a student body to raise money for the school.

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