WAT Themes During a Pandemic

By J1 reporters Erin Connelly and Lilly Fuglsang

Marian students have always been known to celebrate unique and creative traditions like Surprise Day and Field Day. Walk-A-Thon, the student-led school fundraiser, is no exception. Walk-A-Thons are made special by having set themes, which are fun incentives to motivate the student body to raise money. These themes are chosen by the Marian Student Board, and are usually different every year. Due to COVID and the restrictions set in place, choosing a theme in 2020 was especially difficult. 

This year, StuBo chose to have a bubble themed Walk-A-Thon. Typically, at the end of the walk there is a celebration where the theme is implemented. For example, at the end of the Color WAT last year, there was a dance party with colored powder. This year, however, was very different. The students had to stand 6-feet apart on the walk, and once it was over, everyone was sent home immediately. Bubbles were handed out to everyone during the walk, and at the “finish line”, there were two bubble machines blowing for a photo opportunity.

Freshman students walk through the bubble machine. Photo by Lany Gregor.

The Bubble WAT theme was created by sophomore Audrey Ehlers. She had originally envisioned foam instead of bubbles. However, StuBo concluded that incorporating bubbles was a much more sanitary suggestion. StuBo was aware that this year they would be unable to go all out on the theme, so it made sense to choose a simple one. The t-shirt design, given to all students, was baby blue and featured bubbles and a wand. StuBo worked hard to make the Bubble WAT theme unique and creative, despite major challenges.

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