Cookie Mystery Solved

By J1 Reporter Kathryn Stec

Going back to school in the fall was full of unexpected changes for Marian students. Everything about a typical school day was altered from the schedule to classroom layouts. There was hope for one thing to stay the same at Marian but that was soon shattered when girls went to lunch.

The cookies from the cafeteria are a staple in any Marian girl’s diet. They are essential to help with tests, tears, and stress. Imagine the shock when the cookies were bought only to find that they tasted different. This sudden change had girls questioning why the cookies were switched. After talking with Tim Eoriatti, the lunch manager, it was discovered that the cookies were never switched, the dough was just left in the freezer longer than usual. Even though the cookies were still delicious, they weren’t the traditional cookies everyone loved. 

Tim received lots of feedback from girls about the different taste and decided to test out some different cookie companies. Two different cookies were given to a few girls to try, the original cookie and a homemade cookie. “The homemade cookies weren’t as doughy as the regular Marian cookies, the chocolate chips were bigger, and they tasted really good,” junior Shannon Monahan said, “but I still prefer the original cookies.”

Although the new homemade cookies would still have been amazing, the original cookies from Reinhart Foods that have been at Marian for 20 years were preferred among the taste testers. In those 20 years of cookies, Eoriatti explained how he tried to sell different kinds, like M&M, peanut butter, and macadamia nut, but nothing ever sold as well as the regular chocolate chip. 

In order to meet the daily demand of the cookies, Eoriatti makes 14 trays, with 40 to a tray, which comes out to 560 cookies, of the famous cookies for each lunch. His 20 years of experience are helpful in knowing how many to bake so he doesn’t run out,  and so he doesn’t have many extra cookies that go to waste; although he stated that the extra cookies are usually given away or eaten, so no need to worry about wasting.

The cookies are purchased in white recyclable paper bags, three at a time, for $1.50.  Junior Marin Miller gave her opinion on the taste of the cookies. “Immaculate. Truly, but the ice cream with the cookies, even more immaculate,” she said. 

To complement the cookies, sometimes girls buy ice cream sundaes: three cookies topped with either chocolate, vanilla, or swirl ice cream.

Marin Miller is munching on one of the famous cookies during lunch.
Photo by Kathryn Stec 

The importance of these chocolate chip cookies to Marian girls had them quickly questioning the change in taste, but the mystery was quickly solved and new dough was ordered. The cookies are now restored to their original delicious form and will stay that way for many years to come!

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