How COVID-19 Affects the Marian Dance Team

By J 1 Reporter Clare Degan

The Marian Dance Team (MDT) always wears their staple blue and white dance uniform with silver rhinestones lining the hem of the skirt and the bottom half of the sleeves. Blue rhinestones cover the Marian emblem on the front of the uniform with white netting material along the upper arm. The look is completed with red lipstick and beige dance shoes

Due to the spread of COVID-19, a mask has been added to the iconic dance look along with many other precautionary measures. Their normal fall schedule consists of morning practices in the East Gym and performing at an average of four Creighton Prep football games each year. However, the team is only able to perform at two football games total this season. 

“We have to wear masks while performing and while sitting in the stands,” senior captain Lexi Ketcham said. 

She said the entire team does everything they can to maintain social distancing while performing.

 The team was planning to travel to Minnesota this winter to perform in regionals for the first time but their plans have been modified. 

 “This year, Regionals are virtual so we are going to send in a video of our performance,” junior captain Abbie Bluvas said. 

The MDT usually attends the annual National UDA dance competition in Orlando, FLA. Both Ketcham and Bluvas state the plans for nationals are still undecided, and they are unsure if the competition will be cancelled this year due to the spread of COVID-19. Along with social distancing and wearing masks, there are other changes happening in the dance team’s 2020-2021 season that are not related to COVID-19. In the past, the MDT has been made up of two teams; a JV and Varsity team. This year, “we are one, big Varsity team, however there are girls who are on the competition team as well,” Ketcham said. 

 She also explains they have a new assistant coach who is a Marian ’11 graduate, Katie Ham. 

Bluvas said she hopes to continue their traditions and continue to build one another up as a team. 

Ketcham said she looks forward to competing, no matter the circumstances and getting to dance with her teammates for one last year. Although these Marian dancers have to adapt to these new changes, they are looking forward to performing and spending time together as a team during their 2020-2021 season. 

Lexi Ketcham ’21 does a high kick while performing in her football game uniform on Oct. 9. Photo by Olivia Turkel

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