How can 2020 get any worse? With the zombie apocalypse, of course


The year of 2020 has to be the most ridiculous year in history. If someone were to come up and ask me to summarize the year in one word I would simply describe it as ‘scary.’

 Not the slasher kind of scary, where Ghost Face is going to give you a call, asking you what your favorite scary movie is, but the kind of scary that you see in a movie, and it makes you ask yourself, “what if?” 

2020 is like a scary movie, making me hide under the covers and have a Nerf gun close to me for protection. Given that we still have a few months of the year left and so much insanity has already taken place, it leaves me wondering: what’s to come next? 

The pessimist in me tells myself that there is something worse waiting around the corner of October, but what? The only logical conclusion I have come to is simple really. It has been predicted for years… the zombie apocalypse.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the mechanics “aren’t there” and “it’s impossible for zombies to exist,” but with everything that has happened in 2020, it makes me wonder. 

What if COVID-19 is the exact form of bacteria needed to get the zombies going? The only thing I hope is that it’s more of a “Zombieland” movie situation rather than something out of the film “Pandemic.” If our world is going to be like any zombie movie, I want it to be a funny one. 

I never really understood why people weren’t more terrified of zombies, I mean come on, they’re the living dead trying to eat us! Who knows what kind of gross bugs they have on them or what was in the dirt they were buried in?

Growing up, I thought that zombies were a much bigger issue than people made them out to be. Every time we drove past a graveyard in town, I would stare out the window thinking the zombies might just be chillin’ by their tombstones.

I can remember my old summer camp actually had a part of the handbook that gave instructions in the case of a zombie apocalypse. They were much more prepared than most other people and it made me feel safe knowing someone had an idea of what to do in the case of this kind of emergency. 

Given the string of bad events 2020 has produced, it seems probable that a zombie apocalypse would take place now of all times. I hate to entertain conspiracies about silly things that I know can’t happen, and I know that zombies aren’t real and we won’t fade into an apocalyptic world, but given the state the recent pandemic has forced our world into, it genuinely doesn’t feel so far fetched to wonder what’s next for our world. 

Pessimistic behavior is completely useless and silly in the situation 2020 has presented. It does no good for anyone to have a negative attitude to top off an already negative world. It does, however, do everyone some good to be able to laugh about the situation. Humor is a gift in life; it can make so much difference in many situations. 

Let’s use our humor to bring happiness to such a depressing time. And who knows, maybe a zombie apocalypse really will happen; I just hope I get to be friends with Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson, too.

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