Behind Burn: Exploring Marian’s Literary Magazine

By J1 Reporter Eliza Turco

“I did not realize kids could make a magazine!” junior editor of Burn Magazine Cali D’Agosto said, excited to talk about one of her favorite Marian activities. Every semester Burn Magazine continues to surpass expectations and showcase the school’s budding artists and poets. 

The Burn staff starts in August, brainstorming themes and creating a flyer to encourage submissions. In mid-October, the team of art-loving sophomores, juniors and seniors meet and individually vote on each submission. This process is fun and very time extensive. This season they received nearly 100 works of multi-media art and poetry.  The Burn team members evaluate each singular piece with open and appreciative minds. As they discuss, new points of view are shared giving life to Marian girls’ submissions.  “It has challenged me to see art in a new way,” senior team member Naomi Delkamiller said. 

After votes are tallied on a Google form, the chosen works are organized in potential page layouts. Adobe Indesign is used to format the spreads. It is essential to the team to incorporate every entry as the artist submitted it, complete and without edits. Collaborative revision after revision is done until the team is happy with the finished product or when their time runs out. 

The fall magazine is sent to print at Graphic Tec/Regal Print and plans to be distributed in early December. In the past, showcases have been held to give featured artists an opportunity to put a live voice behind printed art and poetry. However this year’s winter showcase is on hold because of COVID-19. The team “looks forward to planning a special showcase in May for the fall and spring magazines,” senior editor Ellie Kripal said.

“I want the future of Burn to be a space that’s collaborative and showcases students’ art,” senior editor Rachel Achola said. 

As Burn lives on as a cherished school publication, they ask for more submissions to the spring magazine (looking at you freshmen and seniors!) especially on their new online sections, devoted to video media and songs. 

Past issues of Burn Magazine on display in Ms. Tripe’s classroom. Photo by Eliza Turco

Congratulations to those students and their creative works selected to be in the Fall 2020 edition:

Emma Gunn – Untitled, May Her Memory be a Blessing, 
Danielle Carrol – The Black Woman
Kaileigh Schorg – Toys for Boys, Plain Concrete in the Morning, 
Lauren Ali – Diversity Brewed in an Asian Pot, I’m Addicted
Rachel Achola – Noodles, The Balance, Untitled
Mary Claire Daubendiek – Whatever, Comfort, Stoic, Sabrina
Kate Hoppe – Window, Time Divided, Run
Laura Torres-Salvador – Autumn
Ceci Urbanski – Ears, It’s Her
Maddie Adam – Carrying Your Baggage, Your Words
Mattighan Zielie – Untitled, The Bigger Picture, Love You, Untitled
Nicole Loeffler –  Journey, Journey2
Naomi Delkamiller – Little Girl Landscape, Laces Lost, Tied Down
Murphy Mertz – The Raven Sings, Fire, Forget
Elizabeth Foreman – This is More than Alone
Gabriella Roche – The True Beauty of Isolation and Freedom
Melina Piperis – Home, Stevie 
Maggie Morris – Reflections, Coast
Sophia Torres-Salvador – All of Us
Eva Kreiner – Alone, I
Emma Alm – Deep in California, Green Girl
Bella Beck – Sunset in Monterey Bay
Callaghan Cavanaugh – Not Everything is Bad

Students were notified on Nov. 11. Selected students should stop by Room 304 to pick up a celebratory button and verify titles of their works.

Junior and senior Burn editors: Cali D’Agosto, Maddie Adam, Ellie Kripal and Rachel Achola work to determine the pairings of the art, photographs and poetry for the Fall 2020 issue. Photo courtesy of adviser Mrs. Kalkowski.

To see archives of past magazines, visit their website at:

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