Coffee Consumption is Breaking the Bank

By:  J1 reporter Audrey Van Dyke

Teenage girls are notorious for having coffee addictions. Although this rich and creamy drink is all of the rage, spending $5 every day on coffee can really take a toll on one’s bank account. It is already hard enough to not purchase a drink every day, but with this new Starbucks right across the street, it has added another temptation. 

Across Military Street, in between Freddy’s and the retirement home,  a new addition of Starbucks is officially up and running. Starbucks is an overwhelmingly popular place to get coffee in the morning. Junior Kate Timmerman is a Starbucks fanatic. “This new Starbucks so close to Marian has definitely made me spend more each week…I spend at least $15 a week,” Timmerman said. This spending will definitely add up over the weeks.             

Photo of Kate Timmerman ’22 drinking her daily coffee.
Photo by J1 reporter: Audrey Van Dyke

With this new Starbucks across the street many wondered if the location was a coincidence or not. “This is a dead zone for Starbucks, so before this location there was not one nearby,” Katie, a Starbucks supervisor said. With this new location it allows easy access to buy coffee for everyone in the Keystone and Benson neighborhoods. It is also near the busy intersection of 72nd and Military Avenues. 

How are Marian girls getting around this large expense, but still fueling their coffee addiction? Sophomore Abby Pelan loves coffee, but cannot find it in herself to spend that much money each week. “I like to bring coffee from home, because I know it is reliable, and I get to sleep in a little more,” Pelan said. Using an at home coffee maker is a great way to save a little money. 

Balance is key in the realm of spending on coffee. Despite the flavor or style of the coffee that is chosen, at the end of the day, money is still being spent. It is reasonable to splurge on coffee to treat yourself, but there could be a way to save some cash, maybe use an at home coffee maker, if possible. Maybe even purchasing Starbucks coffee grounds and trying to  make your daily coffee order at home. Who knows you may even want to pick up a new career as a barista. 

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