By J1 Reporter Anna Rasgorshek 

With the absence of long standing high school traditions such as homecoming, high school students across the globe have been planning and hosting their own socially-distanced homecomings. 

Here in Omaha, Neb., many high schoolers have seen their Instagram feed flooded with pictures of students dressed in homecoming attire with the caption: “#foco.” But what even is a “foco”? A “foco” is a fake homecoming, and many students have opted to continue the tradition of taking homecoming photos this year- despite dances being cancelled due to COVID-19.

Junior Nettie Knapton and her friends had a fake homecoming earlier this month on Oct. 4. “My friends and I decided to get ready and take homecoming pictures this year, but we skipped the usual dinner and dance,” Knapton said. 

The “foco” trend has quickly caught on around Omaha, as more and more students around the metro have hosted their own socially distanced events around town. Some have opted for the usual homecoming dinner, eating at Blue, Pitch, or Charleston’s- while others have opted for a more casual alternative. “We just ate pizza in my friend’s basement,” Knapton said. 

Josie Golka, the junior who hosted this “foco” said she actually liked this way of continuing homecoming traditions more than the usual celebrations. “It was more relaxed and fun,” Golka said. Meredith Bailey, also a junior, agreed that she preferred the “foco” to a normal homecoming.

In Nebraska, Gretna High School has had complications and COVID-19 outbreaks due to these “foco” celebrations. The Lincoln Journal Star reported on Oct. 16 that 342 students were tested after a cluster was reported relating to a large gathering on Oct. 3.

Taking precautions and wearing masks, Bailey and friends were able to prevent any new cases due to their celebration. “Even though we had to wear masks and social distance, we still had lots of fun” Bailey said. 

Juniors Avery Kinnison and Meredith Bailey wear masks at their “foco” this October.
Photo courtesy of Meredith Bailey.

These fall celebrations have been a great way for students all over the country to enjoy beloved traditions safely this year. With winter formal and prom quickly approaching, these “focos” have given students a great idea of how to be able to celebrate school traditions safely this year. 

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