Does Dunkin’ Coffee Taste Different Every Time?

Column By J1 Reporter Maddie Auman

Thoughts in Maddie’s Mind

I start every Wednesday by leaving my house and heading to Dunkin’. I open my Dunkin’ app and order a medium iced coffee with French vanilla swirl and skim milk. This is the one thing that I look forward to every Wednesday to get me through the day, but it usually ends up happening more than once a week. 

Many of my fellow Marian classmates either start off their day with Dunkin’ as well, or treat themselves after school, but going at different times of the day at different locations causes a problem. 

Does the coffee taste different depending on the time and location?

While Google Maps tells me that there are at least 10 Dunkin’ locations in the Omaha Metro area, I frequent three of them: 106th and Fort, 160th and Maple, and 144th and Pacific. There are many claims among students that their coffee tastes different depending on where they get in from, but time is also a factor.

I have been to Dunkin’ many times at different locations and times of day. From my experiences, it is obvious that my coffee order does taste different depending on when I go. I pay $2.62 at every location for my medium iced coffee, but the taste just isn’t the same.

Aside from the taste, Dunkin’s price is a significant factor for high school students that makes it stand out against all other coffee companies. Although this is beneficial for the customers, this may be part of the reason why the flavor isn’t consistent.

When I get my coffee in the morning, Dunkin’ is usually busy, so my drink has a stronger coffee flavor and a weaker, less sweet vanilla flavor. But when I go during the afternoon when there’s maybe one or two cars in the drive thru, there is a good balance between the flavor of coffee and vanilla. 

My personal favorite location to get my coffee is on 160th and Maple. This location is right next to my neighborhood, so it is convenient. I prefer to go around 11 a.m. because it usually isn’t busy at those times, so I enjoy the coffee more. When I go before school, I go at 7:30 a.m., but this time is a hit or miss. It can be very busy, which makes the coffee flavor stronger, but other times there are only two cars and the coffee his ideal.

This on and off struggle with Dunkin’ may cause concern with students at Marian and I, but we still continue to go often because of our love and addiction for their coffee. 

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