Kylie vs Morphe: Which one is the better makeup palette?

Column by J1 Reporter Clare Degan

Clare’s Column

Individuals use makeup to express themselves and to showcase their true personality. Makeup helps enhance a person’s beautiful features. Some apply makeup because it is fun, and others do it because they look at makeup as a form of art.

Some makeup is overpriced, yet I still sometimes buy from the high end makeup brands. I question myself when I decide to spend more money on an eyeshadow palette with less shades when I can spend less money on one with more shades. I’m drawn in by the gorgeous eyeshadow shades and the perfectly wrapped packaging of the more expensive brands. 

Over the years of learning how to apply makeup, I’ve realized consumers have their own opinion of which products are better: cheaper brands or expensive brands. I tested two different brands of eyeshadow palettes, one being more expensive than the other, and decided which one was the better buy. 

The first palette I tested was the “3505 Fierce By Nature Artistry Paltte” by Morphe Cosmetics. The retail price is $25 at Ulta Beauty ( This palette is perfect for a gorgeous fall look with its 35 different shades. The price is reasonable compared to a lot of other makeup brands, considering most expensive eyeshadow palettes contain about 12 shades and have a retail price around $50. Morphe Cosmetics is known for having a high quality eyeshadow formula for an affordable price all while having a huge selection of shades to choose from. The palette contains a lovely selection of warm tone shades, perfect for any summer or autumn makeup look.

The second and more expensive palette I tried was “The Bronze Palette” by Kylie Cosmetics. The retail price for this product is $42 on the Kylie Cosmetics website ( This palette contains nine single eyeshadows and is perfect for showcasing a beautiful natural look. I love this palette because all the colors are wearable for any occasion. The palette is perfect for an everyday look or it can be used for one that is more sophisticated. Overall, my absolute favorite part of “The Bronze Palette” is that every color blends together really well with every other shade in the palette. This makes blending the eyeshadows much easier. 

I swatched the eyeshadows on my arm to test the pigmentation. The “3505 Artistry Palette” swatches were more opaque and “The Bronze Palette” ones were more transparent. Although the Kylie Cosmetics palette was more patchy when swatching, the shades were more pigmented than the Morphe shadows when applied on the eyelids. I came to the conclusion that “The Bronze Palette” contains shadows that are easier to blend than the “Artistry Palette.”  

Since there are a lot more shades in the “Artistry Palette,” it can make the application of the product more difficult. It can be difficult to find the perfect combination between eyeshadows in a makeup look, especially when there are both cool tones and warm tones. However, having an extensive selection of eyeshadows allows the artist to explore more looks and it makes the money spent on the palette worth every dollar. 

Both eyeshadow palettes are worth the price and definitely worth the hype. If I were to choose between the two palettes, I would choose the Kylie Cosmetics palette. I can confidently say “The Bronze Palette” contains the best color scheme and the best eyeshadow formula out of my entire collection. The shades blend smoothly and leave the most beautiful wash of color on the eyelid, ultimately creating a stunning makeup look that extenuates natural beauty. 

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