Commitment issues are the worst!

Column by J1 Reporter Lauren Montague

The Laughable Life of Lauren

Having major commitment issues can have a detrimental impact on your life. This is not necessarily in relationships, but in everything I do. The issue stems from being the youngest child who never had the ability to choose anything, from the color of socks I am wearing to where we go on family vacations; people always made the decisions for me, causing a spiral effect in my present life. 

I can’t commit to music. In my car I have six different stations set on my dashboard, so I don’t have to commit to just one. I am unable to be in charge of AUX in the car as well. By the time I have narrowed down the vibe, playlist, artist, or song that I feel like listening to, we are already at our destination.

I can’t even name a favorite color. I am sure that I will never have a definite answer. It could be turquoise or it could be magenta.  It all changes depending on my mood.

Never ask me to pick somewhere to eat because there are too many different factors that impact the decision. 

First, there is the debate of fast food versus dine in. On top of that, you have to figure out what type of food everyone is in the mood for; there are just too many options. Further adding to the burden is the factor of how much time there is to eat and the price point. Not until I find a place that meets all of these requirements will I be able to decide on where to eat and even then, I might not have an answer. 

my friend’s famous food wheel

It has gotten so bad that my friend and I have made wheels with different restaurants on them that make the decision for us. This allows no one person to have to go through the trouble of deciding where to eat. 

The ironic thing is that I couldn’t even decide on the topic of this column.

In reality, my indecisiveness gave me inspiration, and I wrote a whole column on why I hate not being able to make definite decisions. 

Being incapable of making decisions is the worst. It can be difficult trying to move forward through daily life when it takes forever to decide on even the most miniscule things. 

Although I have been bad at making decisions my entire life, I have hope that I will be able to change my habits and be more confident in my ability to make a final decision.

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