The Truth Behind the Breadsticks

Column By J1 Reporter Lany Gregor

Livin’ Like Lany

I asked the Marian student body where their favorite place was to get a breadstick, most said Olive Garden, others said Fazoli’s, Little Caesars, Pizza Hut and of course, the famous Marian Breadstick, which are only served on Marian Mom’s Salad Days and pasta days. Few people said that Marco’s and Valentino’s were the place to go.

After hearing what the students had to say, I had to see for myself where the best breadstick was from. But after trying these sticks I made an odd realization about the breadsticks from Fazoli’s and Marian. All in all, they both win the taste test providing the best and most flavor, and the texture of the bread is the perfect pairing with a big plate of pasta.

But it was strange how similar the sticks were, it made me think about how these places get their sticks. Is there a possibility that they are the same stick?

First and foremost both of the breadsticks are right at the same price point, $0.55 vs. $0.50. Marian, with the lower price, tries their best to keep all of their prices of lunch as minimal as possible for the students so that’s why they would be selling for $0.05 cheaper. While Fazoli’s is looking to make a small profit off of selling those breadsticks making them slightly more expensive.

Next I looked into Fazoli’s process, I found out that at the restaurant you can simply buy frozen breadsticks from them. So maybe Marian is actually buying them from Fazoli’s? So then I looked at what Fazoli’s does for bulk orders, in the orders they sell the sticks for $0.50 instead of $0.55! That is why Marian would also sell them for $0.50.

Both sticks also are almost exactly the same size and color. Both looking like the classic breadstick but also similar to an Olive Garden breadstick. The color being a beautiful brownish yellow color giving it the appetizing breadstick look. 

Lastly, and most importantly, they taste the same! I never would have even considered this if I did not notice such a similarity in the taste. They both have the soft garlicky bread with a slight hint of butter, making it so perfect and amazing as a side, or to some Marian girls – a meal in and of themselves.

After doing the research and finding out more about where each provider gets their sticks it solidifies my thoughts on the fact that Marian and Fazoli’s are the same stick. Both are incredibly amazing; they can not even compete. 

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