The Ultimate Holiday Debate

By J1 Reporter Anne Masek

After Oct. 31 there are two different types of people: the ones who are eagerly waiting for Thanksgiving, leaves falling and football, or the people who put up their Christmas tree, lights and are already listening to Christmas music. I’ve never understood how those people can overlook the greatest holiday on the calendar, Thanksgiving.

An Earful of Annie

Nowadays, Christmas is flooded with superficial items instead of the real reason for the season. We are bombarded with Christmas cards from people we don’t even see anymore, the pressure of getting everyone gifts that they want, and the never-ending reminders of finals breathing down your neck. Everyone holds so many high expectations for this holiday. If they aren’t met, then the supposedly enjoyable aspects of this holiday are ruined. By the time you complete all of your Christmas traditions like putting up the tree and lights, listening to a Christmas playlist, and baking cookies, it can exhaust your Christmas spirit. Come December you will no longer do activities that would be enjoyable because you did them two months ago. 

One of the reasons Thanksgiving is the best holiday is because it’s a much-needed break in the school year. You get to catch up on any lost sleep, finish late homework and get a mental break to prepare for finals. Not only from a school perspective but, the fact is that Thanksgiving is easygoing. It is known for having that sleepy Saturday type vibe. You are encouraged to eat a lot of food surrounded by family members that you only get to see during this time of year. Not only does this holiday include good food, family and a laid-back feeling it is topped off with the Macy’s Day Parade where fun balloons float through the New York air. 

That is all the materialistic part of the holiday but the actual meaning behind it is another reason why Thanksgiving is superior. There is a whole day to be grateful for all the blessings in your life. Sometimes we take privilege and people for granted, and this day is perfect to keep our minds open about how we can be more thankful. 

I am not saying I don’t like Christmas, it just needs to be celebrated at the right time. The day after Thanksgiving is when I immediately press play on my Christmas playlist, watch Hallmark movies, bake cookies and enjoy the anticipation ’til Dec. 24. 

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