Bluetooth Audio and Buckle Up!

Column by J1 Reporter Kenzie Darrow

Darrow’s Dilemmas

Most teens can relate to the statement that music can truly help you through your worst times and celebrate during your best. It can often feel as if music has a song or genre to help you cope with every possible situation.

However, the music can be more or less effective depending on where it is playing from. Such as your AirPods after just finishing that huge unit test and knowing your hard studying paid off; or the music might be the most effective coming from your speaker as you work out and exercise all the bad out of your day.

I know for me, whatever music it may be is always the best coming from my car, Freddy, on our daily drive. 

For some people, driving can be their worst nightmare and be the source of their anxiety. That however is not the case for me. Unlike most, driving is very calming for me. Driving not only gives me the freedom to go nearly anywhere, but it allows me to be alone with nothing but my thoughts, a friend or two, my music, the open road, and a few other drivers.

Personally, it is easy for me to become extremely anxious or stressed. Whether it is a big issue or just one very small incident that occurred throughout the day, chances are it stressed me out. Although, I have figured out that by combining my three favorite things: music, driving and nature, I am able to free my thoughts and settle my stress.

Typically I combine these three things by going on a drive to my grandparent’s house in Ashland, Neb. However this is not your usual drive to Grandpa’s house. The drive itself is about 30 minutes, but it is truly the final seven minutes of that drive that I truly adore.

For the most part, the drive is mostly on the interstate or highway. Although my favorite part is at the end of the drive, when my car’s tires come off the crowded concrete roads to the peaceful dirt roads.

Arriving at the dirt roads, I am finally able to see the horses running across the acres of land, the crops growing for harvest, and the breathtaking sunset. Nature’s serenity is finally able to take over and all of my thoughts and stresses seem to fade away and be let free. I have arrived at my happy place.

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