Snow Days are Superior

Column by J1 Reporter Brianna Dovali

Brought to You by Brianna

It’s Monday night and you’re closely watching the news to check the school cancellations, but they haven’t announced your school. You go to bed praying they’ll cancel school.  You wake up and hear the best news ever: it’s a snow day. A feeling of serotonin fills your body. 

Snow days are truly the best days off school. First, you get to sleep in, which is extra nice when you were planning on waking up at the crack of dawn. When you hear the news, it puts you right back to sleep. We all know the struggle of having to wake up unnecessarily early to get a good parking spot, so not having to is truly a blessing. 

The first thing I do is text my friends. It goes from a simple, “Omg, it’s a snow day, let’s do something!” to meeting up with them. The fact that the whole day was not planned and spontaneous, makes you cherish the little moments even more. At the time you don’t realize it, but at the end of the day, you know it was the best, most spontaneous day. 

The amount of things you have time to do during the day is unlimited. You start with going to your favorite coffee shop to try the new holiday drink you’ve been dying to try. From driving around town blasting Justin Bieber and Michael Buble’s Christmas albums, to sledding with all your friends. From pushing each other in the snow and building snowmen, to baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate by the warm fire, the day seems endless. 

After that long day, you get home, put on your Christmas pajamas, find your favorite Christmas movie, worrying about nothing. Even as you get older, the feeling of pure happiness never fades. 

When the thought of snow days becoming zoom days came to be, everyone was not happy. Even hearing that all of that joy would be taken away, there was an uproar. After everyone complained, rightly so, we heard that we would have our snow days back. We were all thankful that the administration heard our concern and genuinely listened to our voices. 

We all know that planned days off are nice because you can plan something the night before or even stay up as late as you want, but they don’t feel the same. Hoping each year that we get the full five snow days, anytime there’s even any snow or ice, everyone anticipates the announcement. You just simply can’t say that planned days off top the feeling you get from a snow day. 

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