The Best Way to Start the Day is With A Good Parking Spot

Commentary By J1 Reporter Kenzie Anderson

Driving Time is the Best Time

 What is one of the best feelings in the world as a high school student at Marian High School? Some might say getting their homework done. Others may say seeing their friends in the hallway or classroom. However, one of my favorite feelings is getting a good parking spot at Marian. 

When I pull into the parking lot around 7 a.m., I see many open parking spots. There are so many options of places where to park. Sometimes, it’s hard for me to choose which parking row I want to park in. However for the past few weeks, I’ve been parking in the two rows closest to the “L” lot because there’s less traffic coming out of that specific parking area after school. 

At Marian, there are four main parking lots. There is soph lot, upper lot, PAC (Performing Arts Center) lot, and the “L” lot. In some people’s opinions, the upper, PAC and “L” lot are the best places to park. My favorite parking lot is the upper lot. It’s my favorite because there are so many parking spots to choose from. I’m always in a happy mood for the rest of the day when I get a good spot. Many will say that soph lot isn’t their favorite place to park, even during the winter. I know it’s not my favorite place to park. It’s my least favorite parking lot because of the long, tiring, draining walk up the hill that connects soph lot to the upper lot. Which leads to the main question. Which lot is the best parking lot?

Sophomore Lily Guinan said, “I usually park in soph lot so I get excited when there is a spot in PAC because I don’t have to walk all the way up the hill!” Guinan continues saying, “My favorite parking spot is definitely the main one because it’s so close and the walk is so short!”

Junior Payton Johnson took part and told her opinion. “It feels really nice to get a good parking spot, especially when it’s really cold out,” Johnson said, “so I don’t have to freeze walking up to Marian! I usually park in the PAC because I always need to grab coffee before school.” I asked her what her favorite parking lot at Marian is and she responded with upper lot.

Sometimes throughout the week, each parking lot can become full very fast. I did some research in regards to how many parking spots in upper lot there are. I got some facts from different Marian faculty members about upper lot and a few other subjects as well. Here’s what I know—there were 269 parking hang tags issued for this year. Plus, there are 73 faculty and staff parking spots.

Marian’s upper lot is my personal favorite parking lot. It has good parking spaces and good traffic patterns. With parking in the upper lot, I’m able to get to the front doors way faster than PAC or soph lot. Sometimes waking up early to get a good parking spot can be a pain. However, it’s all worth it because I’m always in a good mood, and I have a positive energy throughout the rest of my day when I get an amazing spot in upper lot at Marian.

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