BuzzFeed Quizzes Tell You Nothing

Column By J1 Reporter Fiona Gautschi

First Word With Fiona

It is safe to say that I have spent countless hours on my iPad taking BuzzFeed quizzes. After taking a quiz, and getting an often meaningless answer, I find myself wondering- why did I just spend five minutes to see which type of pasta matches my personality?

Image Source Slate Magazine

 I opened the buzzfeed app recently, to see a quiz with the title “We’ll reveal a highly specific truth about you if you order yourself a delicious breakfast.” What does this mean? How much does buzzfeed actually know about me? Naturally, I took the quiz and built a delicious breakfast for myself. I chose through various different breakfast options, like eggs or bacon, and coffee or orange juice. After building my breakfast, a screen popped up that said: You brush your teeth in the shower. 

I have never done this, but it’s interesting that the analytics of BuzzFeed come to the conclusion that I have. I am not sure how choosing between breakfast foods leads Buzzfeed to believe that I brush my teeth in the shower. I have been wondering how BuzzFeed comes up with the answers you get after taking the quiz. Sometimes they are surprisingly super accurate, like the one time buzzfeed guessed my astrological sign correctly. However, most of the time, the answer is inaccurate or it doesn’t really tell me anything. Sometimes after taking a BuzzFeed quiz and not getting an answer I like, I start to wonder if it’s true. Does BuzzFeed know more about me then I do? 

I have come to the conclusion that BuzzFeed quizzes are not accurate at all, but they are fun and can occasionally be comforting. When I get an answer that makes me happy, or an answer that I believe could be true about myself, I start to think that maybe there is some accuracy at the end of each quiz. However, when the quiz tells me something I do not want to hear, it makes me think that BuzzFeed has no idea what they are talking about. BuzzFeed quizzes are completely random, and in the end, they are what you make them to be. They tell you nothing with substance, and the accuracy of the answer is extremely questionable. Although the answers to the quiz tell me absolutely nothing, I will probably find myself taking a BuzzFeed quiz titled Plan a Wedding and We’ll Reveal When You Will Meet Your Soulmate, as soon as possible.

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