Ignorance in the workplace continues to cause issues for employees


“They’re not required, but they’re required. People know they should wear them and still don’t” KalaChristianson’24

We currently live in a pandemic, plain and simple. There are guidelines and rules set by the government during this pandemic that the public is supposed to follow. They are not difficult to understand. Wear a mask, stay six feet away from each other, and stay home when you can. One of these is the easiest to follow, wearing a mask. All you have to do is put a piece of paper or cloth over your mouth and nose. That’s it. Although the rule is foolproof, some people have a hard time following it for the basic safety of others. So, for those who wouldn’t do it, governors, mayors and other public officials issued mask mandates to cities, Omaha being one of them. 

Though it is the law, some people still have an issue following the simplest rule. These people are a menace to all those who work in customer service. 

As a restaurant employee, I have witnessed this atrocity many times, as have many of our schoolmates. Why don’t people want to wear masks? They are easy to get used to, and they certainly do not go against any constitutional right. 

That’s the comment that always gets me. I work as a host at the Olive Garden on 75th and Dodge, and have no issue asking a maskless guest to wear one. As my establishment does, most places offer disposable masks upon entry. I don’t understand the big deal. 

How is it hurting you? It’s not. Put a mask on. Protect yourself and those around you. Don’t be ignorant. 

To me, it is so simple. If you wear a mask, you protect others from getting the virus, and yourself! They’re not hard to breathe in. My sister, Cassie Thompson Soles ‘12, is a nurse at Nebraska Medicine. Every day, she wears a disposable mask, a KN-95 mask, and a face shield. She can breathe just fine, just as the rest of the world can.

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