Mrs. Denise Eoriatti officially joins community


Everyone has seen her, but many aren’t aware of all she does for Marian. COVID-19 has created challenges and changes for every person in the school system, but for Mrs. Denise Eoriatti, these challenges have led her to explore new roles in the Marian community.

Eoriatti takes part in helping around the kitchen and making sure traffic moves along quickly after school. She has taken over for Mr. Richard Hutfless outside after school, who supervised the parking lot. She keeps traffic flowing and makes sure that cars are not stolen. “I usually start my day around 6 a.m. getting the grab-and-gos and food ready for distribution. I then serve food to the students, and then I head outside from 3 to 3:30 p.m.,” Mrs. Eoriatti said.  Then she supervises students in the cafeteria until their rides come.

Her husband Mr. Tim Eoriatti said, “She pretty much does everything for me, and everything around the kitchen.” She has worked here with him since 2019 and has always been helpful. 

“I plan to continue with this work as long as I am here,” Mrs. Eoriatti said. Before she came to Marian, she worked at a phone company for 35 years and eight years in a payroll and benefit company. 

Although she has a lot on her plate, Mrs. Eoriatti says she enjoys her job. “My favorite part of the day is getting to talk to the girls during lunch. I enjoy serving them and seeing how their day is going,” she said. 

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