New paras enjoy atmosphere


Miss Lindsey Decker ’14 began working at Marian at the beginning of October to supervise classrooms when teachers are gone. “My job basically entails watching over students and making sure they are on task and being productive,” Decker said. She also watches over three Mandarin classes as the students are taught via Zoom. “A highlight of my time here has definitely been meeting all of the nice, sweet girls.” 

Ms. Euwanda Jennings is a more recent addition to the staff, starting her duties as a paraprofessional on Nov. 9.  She, like Decker, helps out the teachers and supports office staff. “My favorite thing about Marian is the calm, friendly atmosphere,” Jennings said.

“They’re both willing to hop in and sub when needed,” assistant to the principal, Mrs. Michelle Delisi said. “They always thank me, and I feel like they’re just a really good presence in the building!”

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