Robotics Club builds teamwork and programming skills


Want to be a part of a tight-knit group while learning new skills like programming and operating robots? The Marian Robotics Club is the perfect place that is open to all grades to expose yourself to new skills and opportunities.

The Marian Robotics Club, in its third year, works day after day to use teamwork to build and operate robots. The team has eight members this year with two freshmen, two sophomores and four juniors. 

Sophomore Mariana Vazquez Rosas and junior Jada Williams spend their Saturday morning working together on building and programming their robot.

The team is currently competing in “league” competitions where instead of competing against other teams, they see how much they improve each time. They have competed in two so far and at the end of February, will compete in a virtual tournament. 

Each robotics match consists of six rounds that last for three minutes each. The first 30 seconds is Autonomous, where the robots are operated using only pre-programmed instructions. The next 2 ½ minutes is the Driver-Controlled Period where the team earns points by collecting and launching rings. The final minute is called End Game where the team earns points by completing tasks. “The competitions have been very different from previous years, this year they are all virtual,” coach Dr. Sharon Genoways said. 

With the competitions being all remote, they compete in the robotics room on the first floor at Marian. They are able to upload a video of their performance, but are not required to; they rely on the integrity of those competing. 

The team is coached by Dr. Sharon and Mr. Jeff Genoways, while physics teacher Mr. Matt Winterboer is always there to lend a helping hand.

 “This is my first year in robotics and it has been an incredible ride. Half way through I’ve learned so much and my teammates are so fun. The coaches are out of this world. They really are amazing,” sophomore Marianna Vazquez Rosas said. 

The Robotics Club has introduced the team to the behind the scenes of programming and operating. “I love robotics. I love learning about the different competitions, games, traditions, companies, etc. We build and code, and really just problem solve our way through everything. All of it is so interesting,” freshman Kenadie Rudloff said.

The club is open to everyone, even if you have no prior experience. The Robotics Club is accepting new members at any time and would love to have some new faces in the robotics room.

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