Marian musicians finally get a performance at Pops Concert


In a year full of online singing and Zoom calls, all of Marian’s vocalists and instrumentalists finally got a “win.”  The annual and most elaborate performance of the year, Pops Concert, took place in-person. It was split into two shows, one with the whole Marian’s Select Women’s Choir (SWC), the concert choir, band and orchestra, handbells and guitar classes, and the other with the small groups and solos of the SWC. The split, though not popular among all the choir girls, allowed more people to attend the concerts, and was much appreciated by the friends and families of the students.  Originally, two separate concerts had been planned as in past years, with one for vocalists and one for instrumentalists. Snow days, schedule changes and COVID adjusted those plans.

Senior Margaret Kelly sings a solo at Pops Concert. Photo by Grace Specht.

The first concert on Feb. 9 in the Marian Performing Arts Center (PAC) was a huge success, with a full house of parents raving about the variety of performances. The concert kicked off with the Handbells I class, performing “The Beatles” by Douglass Wagner. Seniors Amelia Zimmerman, Frannie Cihunka and Murphy Mertz all had solos with the guitar classes, singing a variety of songs written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon.  Guitar II was able to be showcased for the first time at the concert, too.

Following up was the band and orchestra, also playing songs by the Beatles. The concert choir capped off the concert, singing “Anything You Can Do” by Irving Berlin, and SWC brought it home with “Lullaby of Broadway,” composed by Harry Warren and Al Dubin, and arranged by Jay Althouse.  The concert was a success and a long time coming, as all other planned concerts have been virtual so far this school year. 

The second show, on Feb. 24 in the PAC, was SWC only, filled with solos, duets and small groups of no more than four people. All groups and solos brought the house down and brought tears to members of the in audience. Though both concerts were successful, some girls questioned the need for two separate performances. “I didn’t like that we did solos and groups separate from the whole group performance, but I like that we had fewer songs to stress out about learning,” senior Murphy Mertz said. 

Vocalists found a silver lining to look for, especially during COVID-19. “It was a nice change of pace, especially since the concert went by so fast,” senior Katie Rodis said. 

 “I loved seeing all my talented friends perform!” junior Meredith Bailey said. “They made me feel really comfortable, despite COVID.” Nobody knows what is next to come, but the musicians hope to have an in-person Spring concert, and perform at the District Music Contest in April. Hopes are high, and Ms. Lauren Morrissey, Choir Director, along with Mrs. Stephanie Dickes, Instrumental Director, are working hard to inspire the musical talents of the students.

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