STEM girls receive awards for aspiration in computing science


The Nebraska and Southwest Iowa Community recognizes students who excel in technology and computing by their computing experiences, computer related activities, leadership experience, technical ability in the face of barriers, and plans for post secondary education. In the Awards for Aspirations in Computing, out of 43 students recognized, 12 were Marian students. Scholarship money can be awarded for the winners depending on their choice of college and major. This award is also a great way for Marian students to build their professional resumes. 

The Affiliate Rising stars were senior Madison Genoways, freshman Martha Hinneh, and sophomore Lilith Maxey. Awarded with Affiliate Honorable Mentions were junior Lauren Ali, sophomore Lillie Devine, and seniors Tahmina Gafurova, Kyra Knudsen, Molly Morrissey and Eva Watson. 

Lastly, the Affiliate Winners of the Award for Aspirations in Computing in Nebraska and Harrison, Mills and Pottawatomie counties in Iowa were seniors Lea Bushey and Clara Glock. Glock received an honorable mention last year, but this year she won. “It’s really cool to win it. I’m really passionate about technology, so it’s great to win an award like this. Dr. Genoways was the person who encouraged me to apply for the award, and all I had to do was fill out a few questions about my interest in technology and the experience I have with technology.” 

“The reason I push it so hard for my girls to apply is because there is a huge need for women in technology. It is a great way for them to meet women in the field of computer science who act as mentors for younger girls. I also feel it is important for younger generations to learn how to excel in coding because coding is going to become the new normal,” Dr. Genoways said.

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