Marian takes a new spin on information night

By J1 Reporter Danielle Carrol

On March 22, Marian held a recruitment event for 6th and 7th-grade students and their parents. This allowed middle schoolers to familiarize themselves with the many activities Marian has to offer. Marian had to cancel their annual open house due to the surge of COVID cases in November. 

Molly Woodman answers questions for a family interested in Marian. Photo courtesy of Liv Birnstihl.

To make up for the lost open house event, Director of Admissions Mrs. Molly Woodman and President Ms. Mary Higgins wanted to keep a traditional information night. To have more families attend the event, they decided to restructure the open house into a showcase. 

At the showcase, Higgins and Principal Mrs. Susie Sullivan made some short speeches; then, the Marian girls took over for the rest of the night. There were 15 different categories including robotics, athletics, show choir, and more. 

Students line up to answer questions after the showcase. Photo courtesy of Liv Birnstihl.

The leads of the musical performed a snippet from this year’s show, Freaky Friday, and the show choir performed a number from their set. During the showcase, there was a frequently asked questions segment. For this segment, Higgins pulled out six names from a hat, and the Marian girls who were called on answered a randomized question. 

Families who attended the showcase had the opportunity to learn about the athletic department from Marian coaches. At the very end of the event, Marian girls lined up in the PAC lobby just in case families had questions. Lauren Ali, who was there for the robotics category, said, “A lot of them wanted to see the robot up close,” referring to the parents who had questions for the girls. 

The event got positive feedback. “Everyone walked through that line and told the girls how awesome they were,” Woodman said. After this showcase, there were seven requests to shadow, and some requests to tour as well. 

In all, 37 families attended the event, which lasted for an hour. “ It was quick and to the point,“ junior Ashley Doehner said. This was the first time Woodman held an event like this, and she’s looking forward to having more of them in the future.

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