Meet Marian’s newest college athletes

Jessica Brusnahan is swimming at Lindenwood.

“When I started looking at schools after deciding I wanted to swim, I wasn’t sure how close to home. I wanted to try to be close enough that I could come home on the weekends if I wanted. Lindenwood was the second of the three schools I visited, and truly I felt bad after the visit because I knew I wouldn’t be able to give a fair chance to the third school because I was so excited after Lindenwood. It just felt like home, even six hours away. When I was choosing whether or not to swim, I think it came down to whether or not I could really give up the sport after state swimming. I still loved it and wasn’t ready to walk away, so that was it!”

Celia Hacker is playing basketball at Lake Superior State University.

“After visiting Lake State, I just got this feeling and I knew it was the right place and somewhere I’d love being my next 4 years. I’m looking forward to getting away and meeting new people as well as playing the game I love most. i chose to keep playing because i wasn’t close to being able to give up basketball considering i’ve been playing for so long. i’ve never gotten tired of the sport and being able to play basketball helps me escape from things that can get to me and it’s almost like therapy for me. Basketball has been a life changing aspect for me and not only just the game but also as a person. I’ve developed leadership skills, I get to see myself fail then turn back around and fix it, and while doing all of that I get to have fun.

Sophie Stevens is playing volleyball at Hastings College.

“I chose Hastings because it had a welcoming atmosphere and felt like home away from home. I am looking forward to meeting all of the girls and having a new environment to play volleyball in. I chose to play volleyball because it has been a goal of mine since I started playing when I was young. It has always been something I have wanted to do.”

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