Class of 2020 shares video college advice to high schoolers

By J1 reporter Bella Beck

With the Class of 2020 graduating this past year, Marian’s upperclassmen have been anticipating hearing about their college experiences. 

Recently, some members of the graduated class created individual videos filled with college advice for Marian upperclassmen. This took the place of the annual Class of 2020 day. After experiencing almost a full year of college, they are able to spill the beans about any and all advice they can think of. 

They included tips such as, “Find something that you’re super passionate about,” as Addison Dunbar, who now goes to Louisiana State University, said. 

Emma Johnson, who attends Dartmouth College, also noted that it is important to “not only explore your environment, [but] to explore yourself as a person.” 

One of the most popular words of advice among these students was that Marian adequately prepared them for college.

The videos were of value to students, especially to senior Grace Ellis. She said she loved “seeing the growth that the Marian graduates had as they went to college” and that “seeing these girls thriving assured me that college will be okay.” She also said she feels at peace with her college decision after seeing how well the graduates are doing in their freshman year of college. 

Hopefully this is the same for other juniors and seniors after hearing the Class of 2020’s videos.

Watch the videos here!

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