Burn magazine showcases Spring 2021 student creativity


Burn is Marian’s literary magazine that showcases creative, original art and writing submitted by students. The magazine comes out once a semester and is made and published by students. But the magazine doesn’t include every piece of art, photograph, poetry, prose, creative writing, short film, or song thrown its way; the staff of Burn dedicates hours to mapping out which submissions flow together for a coherent theme of the magazine. This semester, the suggested themes were Girl Power, Isolation, Freedom, Climate Justice, and Celebrating our Differences. 

[Art from Cece Urbanski ’23 (“Arbitrary” – top left), Katie Corpuz ’21 (“Women” top right), Ellie Kripal ’21 (“Denim” middle left); Eliza Turco ’22 (“Sun’s Valentine” bottom left), and Bridget McGill ’24 (“Waterfall Tears” bottom right).]

This year’s editors were seniors Ellie Kripal and Rachel Achola. Each issue takes roughly two months to complete, and the process begins with sorting through all the submissions. “To decide what pieces will go into an issue, we get together as a group for a vote. All voting is anonymous, and we have various parameters for voting like who can vote and how to effectively critique the art and writing,” Kripal said. 

The average issue is 25 pages, and each spread, or two pages, is designed by a different member of the staff and has a unique design to it based on the art and writing incorporated into it. “We take inspiration from each other, past issues, and the artwork and writing themselves. The Burn staff decides what pieces look good together, which often involves complementary color schemes on each spread,” Kripal said. 

Once the issue is published, a copy is given to each student and the artists and writers are celebrated. The Burn staff invites students, staff, familes and the students with work included in the magazine to a showcase event on May 17 from 5-6 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center lobby.At

Burn staff members, sophomores Maggie Morris and Ceci Urbanski welcome guests and featured artists and poets to the Showcase event in the PAC lobby. Photos by Bella Beck.

Senior Rachel Achola introduces artists and poets at the May 17 Burn Showcase event. Photo by Bella Beck.

See the full issue below or visit https://burnmagazineonline.wordpress.com/archived-magazines/ for archived magazines back to the fall of 2010.

For a hard copy of the magazine, email journalism adviser, Mrs. Kalkowski at mkalkowski@omahamarian.org. All students had an opportunity for a copy during the last week of the school term. Additional copies are available for $5 (to cover postage).

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