What President Mary Higgins Wants You To Know About Marian’s Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Ella Mandolfo

In her eighth and last year as president, Ms. Mary Higgins knows a thing or two about Walk-A-Thon (WAT).  Higgins claims that WAT is not only important for the financial impact it makes on the girls, but also its cultural impact. As the girls go out campaigning for Marian by asking for donations or making a good to sell, they are learning to represent Marian, promote Marian, and work together as a school to help Marian be a more accessible place for all girls no matter their financial situation. 

Higgins, a known advocate for education, even agrees WAT is worth missing a day of class. Higgins explained that they plan out a day for WAT in the yearly schedule. WAT is such a big part of Marian and makes such a difference for the students that she believes it is worth a day off. Higgins also says it is making memories for the girls because they will not remember a random day of regular school in five years, but they will remember raising money with their friends and walking their route to their foam party. 

Higgins also mentioned that she is incredibly proud of the students for how much money they raised. This year Marian students raised $115,580, exceeding the original goal of $95,000. Higgins said that as a school they knocked it out of the park. She also mentioned how pleased she was with the girls for coming back from missing their goal last year with all of the hardships of COVID-19. She said it was a great last WAT for her to leave on.           

WAT is just one of the many last events Higgins will have this year, and she said while she is very sad events like this will not be in her future, she is also enjoying reminiscing on all of the past WATs. When she was asked what advice to give the next president about WAT she answered, “Always trust that the girls will work hard and meet the goal.” She also encouraged the next president to always walk with the girls because one day it will be your last WAT like her, and you will get to look back and have all of those memories.

Ms. Mary Higgins walks north on 78th Street with sophomores on the 4-mile route, Sept. 24. Higgins celebrated her last WAT on the walk with the students. 

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