PAC to Baxter: Junior’s New Perspective of WAT

By J1 Reporter Matilda Lang 

JUINOR DEMO Field day leads to more involvement in WAT. Represented in the above photo is the junior class presenting their demo. Photo by Olivia Host

Walk-A-Thon hon (WAT) is Marian’s leading fundraiser for tuition assistance. The Student Board and class officers have developed many tactics over the years striving to meet the school-wide financial goal. The school-wide goal and individual class goals are based on the size of each class. One of the biggest motivators for students to fundraise is WAT’s connection to Field Day.

So, you ask yourself, how would raising money connect to Field Day? 

Throughout the year, the four classes have numerous opportunities to get B.O.S.S. points. B.O.S.S. stands for: Building Our School Spirit. B.O.S.S. point events can be earned from attending events like school musicals to volleyball games. B.O.S.S. points are important to achieve because they go straight to the Field Day scoring categories.

More importantly, WAT affects the final selection of Color Block. Color Block is something that happens shortly after spring break. Based on WAT results, each class chooses two colors and a theme for Field Day.

Junior Kirsha Hill said her perspective has definitely changed since experiencing her first live Field Day as a sophomore. “It gives me more motivation to bring money to beat the underclassmen.” 

Now as juniors, the junior class has a stronger desire to raise money. The pandemic kept them from their very first Field Day as freshmen. Members of the junior class are grateful for the opportunity to participate in restaurant give back nights, car washes, bake sales and other creative money raising events. 

This year the junior Class of 2023 was tasked with the largest class goal due to the number of girls in their class. The juniors not only made their goal, but actually surpassed it by bringing in 129% of the goal and raising $34,311. Placing second in WAT was a huge accomplishment for the junior class.

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