Student Board members lead the student body through Walk-A-Thon

J1 Reporter Elsa Jurrens

On Sept. 24, another successful Walk-A-Thon (WAT) was completed at Marian. Long before the average Marian girl was even thinking about WAT, the girls on the Student Board (StuBo) were busy planning and preparing. Starting with the theme, the shirts, the route, and all the new ideas to raise money- the work seems never ending. However, through unity, the StuBo girls were able to accomplish it. 

Senior Ryan Sully, the vice president of the Student Board and the chair of Walk-A-Thon, led StuBo through their journey of planning WAT. Though planning is a collaborative effort, Sully takes on the heavy load of scheduling and organizing for it. 

“We start around the beginning of school, ”Sully said. “The most important thing we do behind the scenes is making calls.” Those “calls” stubo makes are to big donors and businesses that help Marian girls reach their overall school goals. Those donors also help sponsor shirts, the DJ, and other details many people don’t think about. 

Over the course of July, August and September, StuBo meets multiple times a week to discuss new ideas and fundraising. “We get ideas from trends online or just bouncing ideas off one another,” junior Vanessa Wagstaff said. New fundraisers such as the thrift-a-thon are big successes for the school. Wagstaff also encouraged Marian girls to get involved: “StuBo is always open to new ideas, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us.”

Senior Ryan Sully and senior Anne Masek enjoy the foam party in the PAC parking lot after walking the 2-mile route.

(photo by Lany Gregor)

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