Students Miss Out on the Most Iconic Part of WAT

By JI Reporter Ceci Urbanski

STUCK AT HOME. Ceci Urbanski ‘23 is stuck at home from Walk-A-Thon. She broke her collar bone a few days prior and was advised to stay home. Photo by Ceci Urbanski

Weeks upon weeks of asking for donations, selling homemade cupcakes, and digging through couch cushions for spare change all lead up to the pinnacle of Walk-A-Thon (WAT) where all of Marian unites and walks together as a school celebrating with a huge foam bash…but senior Lucy Drexel was one out of a handful of students who had a bit of a different experience. 

Drexel had dislocated her patella and strained her MCL playing volleyball and her doctor recommended she not participate in the 2-mile walk with her class. While some may be excited to avoid the strenuous carriage, Drexel said, “I think I missed out on being able to bond with my classmates and have fun with my friends.” Drexel recalled past years where she and her friends would listen to music and would dance their way from 78th Street all the way to the PAC parking lot. 

However, Drexel wasn’t the only one who didn’t walk on Sept. 24. According to guidance counselor, Mrs. Kathy DeWispelare, there were about 10 girls in student services with doctor’ notes who quietly sat and worked on homework during that time. Sophomore Shelby Gerken was one of those (along with Drexel) who participated in the study hall because of medical reasons. Although she had a productive morning in Student Services, Gerken said, “I feel like I missed out on an important part of WAT considering it’s called WALK-a-thon.”

And according to physical education teacher and co-Student Board moderator, Mrs. Beth Dye, there were 33 additional students absent from school that day. 

Junior Brianne McGovern was one of those girls who was not present at all that day and could only watch the festivities via Snapchat stories and Instagram posts. McGovern had broken her collarbone the previous Saturday and was disappointed to have missed out; “I wish I could have been with my friends and gone to the foam party,” she said. 

And as for those students who were absent without a doctor’s note, there will be a rewalk taking place on Oct. 14 from 12:30-1:15 p.m. Dean of Students, Mrs. Kris Hennings, has sent out an email to the 26 girls who missed the walk without a valid excuse (EX: home sick, college visit, out of town, etc.) “In the spirit of the event,” as Hennings said, students will be required to walk a full mile as a group without the foam party at the end. 

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