CO’s Work Over Time on this Year’s WAT

By J1 Reporter Megan Schneider

Class Officers (CO’s) at Marian are students’ liaisons to companies to provide funds for the school’s largest student-run fundraiser, Walk-A-Thon (WAT). This means leading up to Sept. 24, CO’s do most of their work behind the scenes. Food nights, car washes, bake sales are just a few of the things organized by these students. 

Contacting companies and businesses starts before school even begins and continues until the end date. The summer months before the school year are filled with planning, brainstorming and dozens of emails with companies. Regina Anyaegbunam, a junior CO, says, ”Many students don’t realize our work that goes on behind the scenes; it is a big job and it takes up a lot of our free time.”

The juggling act all four classes’ CO’s make sets the tone for the rest of the year leading up to Field Day. Keeping their classes motivated has been compared to, “a full-time job,” by CO’s and puts a lot of pressure on these girls.

”If I didn’t have a friend who was a CO, I definitely would not realize how much work they put into it,” junior Erin Line said. From running food nights, coming up with fundraising activities, and motivating their classmates, CO’s do it all. As students start learning about their CO’s hard work, a mutual appreciation is formed. Each can not work without the other side’s cooperation.

Anyaegbunam said she thought this year’s WAT was a success and is very proud of the student-body. “I am excited to see what the rest of the year will look like,” she said. According to business office totals on Sept. 27, the students brought in $115,580, exceeding the original school goal of $95,000.

Junior CO’s celebrate a second place win after WAT assembly. The class brought in $34,377. Photo by Megan Schneider.

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