Everything You Need To Know About WAT Shirts

By J1 Reporter Elle Stiles

The Marian campus was flooded with foam, school spirit and green t-shirts last Friday. The girls of Marian completed the Walk-A-Thon (WAT) on Sept. 24, and celebrated the end with a foam party. The seafoam green t-shirts — a creation by senior Ryan Sully — were created with the company Graphic Edge, and distributed to Marian girls in homeroom on the morning of WAT. 

In an online interview with Sully — the Student Board chair of WAT — she described the design process, which involved picking a relevant design, and then choosing a color that she liked. She also described her inspiration of choosing a design, correlating with this year’s theme (foam), which resulted in a “cloud thing” resembling foam.

According to Sully, she has little to no experience with designing shirts or clothing, but has also designed a cross country shirt and sweatshirt for this season.

“I loved seeing the shirts on everyone,” Sully said. “I thought they looked so good.”

No matter her lack of t-shirt design experience or inspiration, the shirts turned out to be a success. The free shirts were made possible to the Marian community through donations from the sponsors on the back: Mama’s Pizza, Militti Sales & Promotion, Mangia Italiana, Grease Monkey, Ideal Water, Pettit’s Pastry, Steier & Associates, Children’s Hospital, Flagship Restaurant Group, be yourself Boutique, Ashley Lynn’s Tanning and Culver’s. Marian girls, teachers, and families all appreciated the shirts. Thanks to Sully and the donations from community sponsors, everyone will have memorable shirts that will forever be in every Marian girl’s closet.

Sophomores pose for a photo near 78th Street in their green WAT shirts.

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