Marian Is Not the Only School with a Fundraiser like Walk-A-Thon

By J1 Reporter Maria McLeay 

There really isn’t anything like Walk-A-Thon (WAT) at Marian anywhere else in Omaha. The girls at Marian put work and effort into raising money for their school. Many Catholic schools in Omaha have similar events but not like this. Other schools have fundraisers, but nothing quite like WAT. Marian girls raise money that goes towards tuition assistance. Students have a month to collect the money. This is also a competition to give them advantages in a later event, Field Day. 

At Skutt Catholic, a coed Catholic High School in Omaha, the faculty and students run a fundraiser called The Hawk Walk. The money that they raise goes towards their financial assistance program. After the fundraising is over they show appreciation to their donors by walking around Lake Zorinsky in Omaha. Lakin Appell, a junior at Skutt said, “It’s a fun way to bring the community together and do something for the greater good.” 

Creighton Preparatory is an all boys Jesuit high school. Prep has a fundraiser called Prep Bash which stands for building a scholarship heritage. Prep students help out by selling tickets to adults to attend the Bash. Creighton Prep junior Ford Hamilton said it is more optional if the students want to help or not, it is not a requirement for anything. Bash has a dinner, raffle and a live silent auction. This year it is on April 23. Marian hosts a similar fundraiser for parents and community members called MarianFEST. FEST is on Feb. 4, 2022.

With the research available, nothing seems as extreme as Marian’s WAT. Each girl is required to bring in the minimum of $40. If they don’t, there are restrictions on some community involvement that they can do at Marian. Such as, they can’t run for student government all four years. Each grade has a goal they want to achieve and when they do the school awards them with prizes like Open Lunch and Open Campus for a week.  

Every week each top homeroom gets donuts and at the end of WAT, the homeroom that raised the most money out of their goal gives their homeroom teacher the day off. This year by meeting the whole school goal, the girls were awarded with free dress for a week, a scary movie day and an all school free day. Students raise money by asking friends and family, hosting class fundraisers, walking door to door and pretty much anything you can think of. 

Marian WAT is almost fully student run. That is what makes this so impressive. It is set up by the Student Board (part of student government) along with the help of a few teachers and staff. Student Board is made up of three students from the freshman and sophomore classes and four from the junior and senior classes. Also helping with this are the class officers. There are six officers for each class and in WAT, it is their job to encourage their grade, set up fundraisers and lead their class to victory.

Gracie Brabec ‘23 and Madelyn Kreber 23’ pose for a picture at the foam party after their 2 mile walk at Walk-A-Thon. After raising all of their class goal this was a happy memory for them to share.  Photo by Maria McLeay.

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